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Wartburg is nestled between the Obed Wild & Scenic River National Park and Frozen Head State Park; the Cumberland Trail State Park passes through town. With Wartburg's proximity to Wartburg Speedway, Catoosa Wildlife Management Area, Lone Mountain State Forest, Nemo Tunnel, Potter's Falls, Brushy Mountain State Prison Museum & Whiskey Distillery, Windrock Park, and much more, Wartburg is a charming little tourist town with local breweries, shops, and lodging in and around town. As one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Tennessee, Wartburg provides the perfect blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventure for residents and visitors alike.

Wartburg is the gateway to the Obed Wild & Scenic River - U.S. National Park and the Frozen Head Tennessee State Park. It presents endless hiking, kayaking, fishing, ATV adventures, wildlife observation, and more. With a rich sense of community and a welcoming atmosphere, Wartburg is an idyllic place to call home or an enchanting destination to visit and explore. Wartburg offers a genuine, tranquil experience, inviting you to discover its charm and stay for the adventures that await you.


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